Increasing “Organizational Velocity” with New Action Center Features

Groups are essentially management communications tools where people are organized into teams to work on necessary tasks. However, most group activities fail because people think they really understand one another […]

BiEyes Wins IQ-Innovation Quotient Awards

Note: BiEyes is Free with Advertisements and BiEyesPro is $.99 with no Advertisements. NEW – BiEyes 360° is a panorama picture iPhone/iPad app enhancement to BiEyesPro with 4 pictures merged-blended […]

Global “SocialStream” Enhancing Customer Experience – Version 3.1 Approved

Global “SocialStream” Available – All Communications Paradigms Inside: 1-1, 1-X, X-1, X-X Customer Applications – What this can do for your business – WIIFM The goal is to provide customers […]