By Tom Cross @techtionary Developer of ZoomLite

ZoomLite is a free iPhone/iPad apps local weather info, camera, large format clock in both digital (see right) and classic formats (see below) and 3-level magnifying flashlight app. It will be also integrated into the next versions of MedsMinders.com and SleepTracs.com.


TO USE: press “Home” iPhone button until Siri comes online & say ZoomLite. This is really helpful when you need to get up in the middle of the night and instead of fumbling around, you say Zoomlite and you can easily see the time, check the weather, read a meds bottle or just not stumble and fall.


You will be able to see weather, large font clock, take a picture and easily read labels, meds bottles, check meds, cuts/sores, household issues and other fine print articles and other hard to read documents or any other reason to see something closeup with 3-step magnifying flashlight.


ZoomLite is one of the many award-winning apps such as Basketball Fans, ReallyReal, Sports Fans Club, Football Fans Club, iSeekSugar, BiEyes, iFlipTips, SleepTracs, iSeekSugar, MedsMinders, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.

You can find much more at reallyreal.com or techtionary.com

ZoomLite is also available or private/white and customizing – email cross@gocross.com









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